Oracle APEX 4 - Wrap Text In Report Column Using CSS

Today I needed to modify a report so that the "comments" column would be wrapped text rather than truncated. Our original design for this report was to output just the first 50 characters of the comment field data. By truncating the comments the report stays a fixed width, leading to better overall look and feel for the report.

However, the information that is in the comments field is important, so the decision was made to try and keep the column to a fixed width but allow the row size to grow (and wrap the text).

On the Oracle forums there's quite a bit of talk about this issue, with many users claiming that the default behavior of Oracle APEX is to wrap columns in reports. I'm using the standard report template and not having that experience. So I dug a little deeper and found this little gem

If you place this

width:500px; display:block; white-space:normal;

In the report column CSS Style field then the report with wrap that column. Adjust the pixels for your own needs. Here's an image that shows how to do this.

Apex Picture