SQL Developer 3 - Connecting to SQL Server Using Third Party Drivers

SQL Devleoper 3 is here. Today I downloaded the early adopter version and am intent on connecting to a local SQL Server database to extract some support information.

Documentation on this process is contained in the online manuals located here


Here's a Quick How To Connect SQL Devleoper 3 to SQL Server or MySQL

Note that you can use "Check For Updates" to locate the available drivers.

Here's the steps I followed.

Click Help->Check For Updates

Then check the boxes to enable Oracle Extensions and Third Party SQL Devleoper Extensions

In the list scroll down to


check the box

If you need MySQL support that driver is right below and is named


Click Next

Accept the GNU Lesser License Agreement

Click Next

and the drivers will download

Restart SQL Developer

Now Click Tools->Preferences->Database->Third Party Drivers

In the Browser box you will see a couple of folders, one should be 'tmp'

Browse into Temp and open the update folder

The drivers you downloaded are there

Now if you get a message that says

java.sql.SQLException: I/O Error: SSO Failed: Native SSPI library not loaded.

You are missing a DLL.

Goto this address at SourceForge and download the missing DLL


Browse into the zip file and find a file named


Put that anywhere in your path and restart SQL Developer.

You will be all set and should be able to login using NT Authentication