Kicking off multiple gnome terminals from a korn shell script

This script kicks off one terminal window (blue) then a bunch of additional terminal windows in tabs.

When they open up, a command is executed _as noted by the -e=

In this case the command is to run an ssh session against a given host

gnome-terminal -t="bongo"  --tab-with-profile-internal-id=blue
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@emsdb2" -t="emsdb2"  --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@emsdb3" -t="emsdb3"  --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@emsdb4" -t="emsdb4"  --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@es220-1" -t="es220-1" --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@grndb" -t="grndb"  --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@knkdb" -t="knkdb"  --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@kprptdb" -t="kprptdb" --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@lnxdb1" -t="lnxdb1" --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@prdlnxdb1" -t="prdlnxdb1" --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow
gnome-terminal -e="ssh oracle@w53” -t="w53"  --tab-with-profile-internal-id=yellow

Notice that we can set the color of the terminal and specify that the terminal is a tab within the existing window, not a separate window unto itself.